HardShirtz. The Metal Mash-up Charity T-Shirt Project.

The full-throttle power of heavy metal united in one t-shirt. HardShirtz aren't only twice as hard they're also twice as good. Your t-shirt doesn't only get you an XL chunk of metal, you're also automatically supporting the music of tomorrow. 100% of the profit from each HardShirt supports young, promising bands. Professional recordings, music videos, etc. are all financed to give young bands an extra push. And who knows, maybe one day they'll make it into the HardShirtz Olympus. If you are a frikin awesome musician and in desperate need of support, contact helpmeiamstarving@hardshirtz.com

You can't wear more metal than this.

HardShirtz are like Yin and Yang. They bring together what belongs together. This is the final place where the entire world of rock meets on one small piece of cloth. The reactions have been awesome. The first test persons report being spontaneously hugged on the street by an indescribable aura giving them a whole new feeling of being alive. Better than better. Louder than loud. Harder than hard. HardShirtz are the inevitable evolution and destiny of the rock t-shirt. Simply the heaviest t-shirts on the planet.

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P.S. Of course HardShirtz are sweatshop-free and 100% organic cotton (so even wimps can wear them).